The suggestive atmosphere, passion and strong emotions; the most elegant and exclusive places to live the unforgettable moments of sport and entertainment events enriched by refined Hospitality areas designed for the business world, with dedicated hostesses, 5-star restaurants, convenient parking and assistance services.

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More than twenty years have passed since, in 1994, Diagramma started offering its Corporate Hospitality services on the Italian market: an innovative product, borrowed from the example of other European countries and other sports (eg tennis).

In the 1990s, when the stadiums were not yet structured to accommodate a business clientele, Diagramma allowed companies to enter San Siro by combining the best places available with a hospitality service at external locations.

From that moment on, Diagramma leverages the relational power of events and their commercial potential by providing their customers with an innovative and effective business tool with which to strengthen their partnerships and their corporate image.

Over time, the main squares of the football world have been added (Rome, Turin, Genoa, etc.), while for over ten years a similar service has been studied for entertainment events.


What better occasion than a prestigious, exciting and engaging event to invite guests and develop business relationships with them?
Diagramma relies on the relational power of events and on their commercial potential by providing companies with an innovative and effective business tool to strengthen their partnerships and image.
Public relations actions, incentives, engagement and loyalty, these are the needs and objectives of the companies that rely to Diagramma services. The packages offered, in fact, combine the spectacle that the sporting and entertainment events generate with the exclusivity of a hospitality service created specifically to meet the needs of customers and their guests.

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News and events



The eclectic protagonist of an extraordinary artistic career has decided to bring the focus totally on music. Twelve years after the stellar debut of Life In Cartoon Motion which was launched by the huge hit Grace Kelly, he returns with a new album, the result of two years of intimate writing between Miami, London and the Tuscan countryside: My Name Is Michael Holbrook will lead us to discover the essence of Mika’s identity, starting from his legal name, passing through family relationships and a wealth of small and large experiences, between moments of lightness and poignant key episodes of his life and his family. In November Mika will bring the new songs and his extraordinary successes on tour, with a show around Europe. The Revelation Tour will also arrive in Italy with 12 stages in the big arenas of as many cities, a record for a large-caliber international artist.




With a career spanning four decades and an unmistakable signature, Bryan Adams, Canadian icon, announces the new “Shine a Light” world tour that includes concerts in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and other places yet to be announced. Bryan Adams is currently on a sold out tour in eastern Canada. Of course Italy could not miss in the “Shine a Light” tour itinerary that will see the cities of Bologna and Milan as protagonists for two concerts that will allow Bryan Adams to meet again the Italian public, one of the warmest ever. The album and the tour take their name from the top single of the album, written together with Ed Sheeran and mixing rock, pop and r&b; the album also includes a duet with the American pop star Jennifer Lopez singing That’s How Strong Our Love Is.



JULY 25 2020

It will be an absolute first and long awaited for Celine Dion at the Lucca Summer Festival, one of the last great international voices not to have yet climbed the stage of the famous Tuscan event. The Canadian singer will be back on tour after years of residency in Las Vegas. A great joy for the Italian fans (and not only), who will be able to hear live the songs of the new album Courage, a much awaited album that is largely inspired by her husband René Angélil, the man who discovered Céline when he was young and who remained beside her until his untimely death.

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