High profile Sport and Entertainment events enable creation of strong emotional bonds among their participants. High personal engagement level, evocative atmosphere, strong and passionate emotions: all these elements contribute to grow these bonds and make them ever stronger.
Since 1994 Diagramma successfully exploits the relational power of events for commercial purposes: Diagramma provides its customers with an innovative and efficient business tool to strenghten their partnerships, as well as their business image.
Offering customized, professional and exclusive Corporate Hospitality Services, Diagramma provides the most comfortable atmosphere to invite your hosts and build mutually convenient business relations.


Diagramma: an overview
Since 1994 Diagramma is leader in offering Corporate Sport & Entertainment Hospitality services and has been providing competent and expert strategic advice in relational marketing and incentive activities to some of the most important Italian and multinationals companies.
Diagramma focuses on sport communication, mostly football-oriented, and offers  a wide range of services, such as hospitality, event organization and management, sponsorship and advertising, publishing.

Who are  Diagramma’s services addressed to?

The Corporate Hospitality Packages are addressed to those who need to take action when engaging in public relations and incentive activities. The Hospitality Package combines the spectacularity and interest characterizing sport events with the exclusivity of tailored, high quality hospitality services ‘ad hoc’ created for the participant guest. 
Diagramma offers the chance to exclusively take part to Sport and Entertainment Events, assuring professionality and experience, quality and competence, creating a welcoming atmosphere to do business with your partners.

More than Football: Entertainment
Given the varied needs of clients and the long-term experience in providing ‘Corporate Hospitality’, since 2007 Diagramma has been offering its services during Entertainment Events. Opera, ballet, musicals, concerts, cabaret, drama: our supply satisfies the needs and preferences of every single client who enjoy a unique hospitality experience.