Through different types of hospitality packages, tailor-made and rich in benefits, Diagramma offers the opportunity to exclusively attend the main sporting and entertainment events, guaranteeing a unique experience, professionalism, quality and competence, creating a cozy to do business.

The proposed packages are, in fact, a powerful marketing tool, an effective means of communication and public relations between the company and its ‘top clients’, as well as a valid ‘team building’ and corporate incentive tool.

To the best places during the main events on the Italian territory, Diagramma accompanies external or internal hospitality services to best respond to all the possible needs of companies: catering, hostess, parking, transfer and preparation of detailed programs are the key to making the experience with a unique and perfect diagram for every need.



In twenty years many things have changed in the Italian football scene.

However, there is a constant presence of Diagramma in this sector, which by tradition and culture represents the Italian sporting heritage and has been thrilling tens of thousands of spectators for over a century.

The business clientele makes no difference: companies have always been attracted to the football sector. After successfully passing a few downward phases, the hospitality sector attracts a growing number of companies.

The main square for Diagramma remains Milan, where a large number of companies investing in this sector are concentrated, followed by Turin and Rome, protagonists of the Italian and European scene, and other secondary teams (Sampdoria, Genoa, Bologna, Verona, Fiorentina, etc.).


In recent years, our clients’ investment in Corporate Entertainment Hospitality services continues to grow.

Even more than in sports events, passion is the common thread that links all guests during an entertainment event. Whether it’s a pop music concert or a theater show, a musical or a big acrobatic show, an opera at the Teatro alla Scala or a rock event, sharing an entertainment experience combined with top hospitality services is certainly something memorable.